Design ideas and technique for office cubicles

Office rooms are usually associated with a minimalist, ascetically arranged space, which is not conducive to creative thinking. In the meantime, it is only up to our imagination whether we create an original work space or settle on a monotonous arrangement. Literally at the reach of our hand there are such delightful and ingenious solutions that it would be a sin to not use them. We have prepared several ideas, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

What must be found in every office to fulfil its function? Spacious desk, comfortable, ergonomic chair, a working computer and stationery supplies. For this it is worth adding self-adhesive cards, on which we will write important dates, an organizer with pens and paper clips, as well as a cork board. However, this design does not make a stylish or feminine impression. But the devil is in the details. A few small adjustments are enough to make the ordinary businesswoman’s office turn into a functional kingdom of style and elegance. What will we need? Original wallpapers, practical stickers, fashionable posters and a bit of creativity!

We say “no!” To empty white walls.

Each of us needs different conditions to focus and concentrate, so when arranging an office, we should be guided primarily by our personal needs. Regardless of whether we love colorful, energetic interiors or minimalistic, cost-effective arrangements, empty and undeveloped walls never look good. If we want to enjoy the optimistic mood, paint one of the walls with a yellow, mint or pink-powder shade or decide on patterned wallpaper. Geometric or floral motifs never go out of fashion. Such a colorful accent will completely change the current character of the room. If we have an office that we rent, instead of paint or wallpaper, let’s put on exotic posters or paintings on canvas. Tropical plants in the form of monster and banana leaves, among which there are pink flamingos or colorful parrots, they will make you feel the holiday atmosphere even in the middle of winter. On the other hand, for lovers of minimalism, we recommend patterns with motifs that motivate to work. The gold font in glamor style will be a hit.

Good organization above all

Every day a real marathon of thoughts, ideas, tasks and responsibilities takes place in our head, which we must meet. The most important thing, however, is to not forget anything and do everything on time. This will help us to organize the work properly. Although we write down everything we need on the calendar, sometimes it is good to have an action plan in front of your eyes. Until now, cork boards have helped us. These, however, are neither too beautiful nor even more stylish. A great alternative will be a metal, black grille from a construction store – the one you buy for a balcony when you want plants to grow on it. On such a rack we can attach cards, documents or letters made by us with decorative clips.  

Elegant convenience? Why not

We spend eight to ten hours a day at the office, so we need to make sure that we work comfortably. Not only a good desk and an ergonomic chair counts. Most of us work on a computer and this is the element that needs to be focused on. When using a laptop, be sure to get a stand that will allow us to set it at the right angle. Instead of ordinary, plastic, choose a wooden, metal or such with a place for a cup and telephone. If, on the other hand, there is a stationary computer on our desk, let’s look for a practical wrist rest, thanks to which our hands will be supported when writing. How about a fashionable ultra-violet suit or a cat-shaped one?  

Be eco – do not throw away old equipment

When the appliances cease to display as well as immediately after the purchase, we usually exchange them. Meanwhile, we can decide on a solution that will be much more ecological. Do not throw away your desk, the top of which wears traces of use, or replace the door with scratches or scratches. In refreshing such items will help us decorative stickers, available in all possible designs and sizes in online stores.This is a great way not only to give a second life to the equipment we wrote down for loss, but also a quick recipe for a spectacular metamorphosis of the interior. With the help of such stickers, we can also decorate a laptop that does not stand out as unique. A floral motif, a representation of a spinning galaxy or a funny inscription will turn an ordinary model into a stylish copy.

An interesting idea for the arrangement of the office is to find decorative accents that will suit the industry in which we work. In the case of the world of fashion and design, we have an infinitely many inspirations. On our wall you can hang printed images presenting pictures from catwalks, women’s portraits, sketches of well-known designers or a panorama of cities such as Milan, Paris or London, where the biggest fashion events take place. If we have a spacious office, instead of one pattern, let’s decide on three paintings on canvas and create an effective, fashion triptych.

Together with the coming spring, let’s say goodbye to winter depression. Reaching for simple solutions, let us turn a monotonous office into an effective space in which work will be a pleasure, and the duties that appear before us will turn into challenges that we want to face.

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